Tuesday, October 21, 2014


A Creel Pone classic (well, originally a Hungaroton classic)

Not sure about the screensaver graphics placed behind this but another top tune from Peter Eötvös

More electroacoustic ruffness

A long and illustrious career

Still can't help wishing he'd stuck a bit a longer with the sprachkomposition

And intriguingly, frustratingly, "Mese" (legitimately downloadable here) is described as the "abridged version" - does this mean somewhere or somewhen there was a much longer incarnation of this 1968 wonderwork?

Some of his early tape-only efforts are available on this CD  Electrochronik

There is also "Tücsökzene" , a/k/a "Cricket Music", an early piece for natural sounds - presumably the insects, as opposed to the crack of leather against willow, "howzat", etc

postscript: ah "Cricket Music" was actually on this earlier Creel comp, Creelpolation 1, a 3xCDR job that I actually have somewhere. Also appeared on a CD called Vocal Works.

Friday, October 17, 2014


superb voicescape from Katie Gately - or excerpt thereof  -  the full 15 minutes of "Pivot" is out soon on FatCat as one side of a 12inch  single in their Split Series

interview with Gately at the Quietus

earlier blogitation on Gately by me

more music by Gately

in spirit and scale - if not necessarily technique or results -"Pivot" reminded me of this earlier voxaic * which I haven't played, or even thought about, for aeons

* voxaic: vox + mosaic, geddit?

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